The Track Series

Marathon Power’s Track models are ideal for more critical applications requiring true sine wave output while in backup mode along with the efficiency of a line-interactive design. Automatic Voltage Regulation provides mitigation of sags and swells without relying on backup battery power. This conserves battery energy for more severe disturbances such as power interruptions and outages.    

Standard Run-Time Tower Models (120V or 220V)    
 Capacity   600VA / 360W  1000VA / 600W  1500VA / 900W  2000VA / 1200W  3000VA / 1800W 
Standard Run-Time Rack-Mount Models (120V or 220V)
Capacity 600VA / 360W 1000VA / 600W 1500VA / 900W 2000VA / 1200W  
Extended Run-Time Tower and Rack-Mount Models  (120V or 220V)   
Capacity 1000VA / 600W 1500VA / 900W 2000VA / 1200W 3000VA / 1800W  


Product Information
Track Series Product Information

Communication Cards 
For physical “analog” connections to turn on or off a
relay or I/O component, we offer an AS-400 relay
card which 
converts UPS communication signals to potential-free dry contacts for industrial control. 
The NetPower Network Interface Ethernet Card 
multi-network communication protocols to
enable comprehensive easy-to-understand remote monitoring and management of UPS’s.​  

UPSMON Plus V2.86 for Windows
UPSMON V2.92 for Wind

Universal Mounting Rails 


Track 1000RM/1500RM/2000RM Dimensional Drawings
Track 1000RME/1500RME/2000RME Dimensional Drawings

Track 1000RT and 1500RT Dimensional Drawings
Track 1000T 120V Dimensional Drawings
Track 1000TC 120V Dimensional Drawings
Track 1000TC 220V Dimensional Drawings
Track 1500T and 2000T 120V Dimensional Drawings

Track 2000TN 120V Dimensional Drawings
Track 3000RME 120V Dimensional Drawings
Track 3000TE Dimensional Drawing
Track 5000RME Dimensional Drawings
Track 5000T Dimensional Drawings
Track 6000RM Dimensional Drawings