The Traffic BBS

Traffic control and signal equipment consistently experience power interruptions. The TRTC-2002-N1 (Caltrans Approved BBS) Traffic UPS is suitable for a wide range of transportation applications and extreme temperature environments. Designed for extended run-times, the unit also features temperature-compensated charging to maximize battery life in harsh environments. The unit has six fully programmable dry contacts to give complete control of data and system programming. The Traffic UPS is fully customizable. 

Rack-Mount Model (120V)
 Capacity  2000VA / 1500W


Product Information
Traffic UPS TRTC-2002-N1 Product Brochure(TEES, July 2009, TEES Errata1, Jan. 2010, TEES, Ch. 4 - BBS, July 2009 Certification)
Ruggedized Track & Traffic Transfer Switch Closed Dec 2017 
Ruggedized Track & Traffic Transfer Switch Open Dec 2017

Traffic UPS TRTC-2002-N1 Specifications

Traffic UPS TRTC-2002-N1 Backup Times

Communication Cards    
The NetPower Network Interface Ethernet Card integrates
multi-network communication protocols to 
enable comprehensive
easy-to-understand remote monitoring and management of UPS’s.​
NETPower SMTP Card for Traffic UPS 

Traffic UPS Universal Rack Mount Rail
Traffic UPS Rack Mount Mounting Brackets 

Traffic UPS TRTC-2002-N1 Dimensional Drawings  

User Manuals
Traffic UPS TRTC-2002-N1 User Manual