The Supercapacitor Series

They are state-of-the-art, double-conversion “UPS’s” with Supercapacitor technology for energy storage instead of conventional batteries. There is NO Battery Replacement, NO System maintenance, NO Hazard Waste Disposal and NO Component Recycling.

Rack-Mount Model (120V or 208V or 220V)
 Capacity 1000VA / 700W 3000VA / 2100W


Product Information
Supercapacitor UPS Product Brochure

Supercapacitor UPS Specifications - 120V
Supercapacitor UPS Specifications - 208V
Supercapacitor UPS Specifications - 230V

Communication Cards
For physical “analog” connections to turn on or off a relay or I/O
component, we offer an AS-400 relay card which
converts UPS
communication signals to potential-free dry
contacts for industrial
AS 400 Dry Contact Relay Card for Supercapacitor  

The NetPower Network Interface Ethernet Card integrates multi-
network communication protocols to 
enable comprehensive easy-to-
understand remote monitoring and management of UPS’s.    
NetAgent Mini for Supercapacitor



UPSMON Plus (Local Software) V2.86
UPSMON (Local Software) V2.92) 

Universal Mounting Rails

Manual Power Transfer Switch (Vault Series)    

Rear Panel Configurations and Part Numbers
Supercapacitor UPS - 1kVA 2U + 2U Hardwire 120V/208V/230V
Supercapacitor UPS - 1kVA 2U + 2U IEC 208V/220V
Supercapacitor UPS - 1kVA 2U + 2U NEMA 120V
Supercapacitor UPS - 3kVA 2U + 4U Hardwire 120V
Supercapacitor UPS - 3kVA 2U + 4U Hardwire 208V/230V

Supercapacitor Manuals
Supercapacitor UPS User Manual

Supercapacitor 1KVA Dimensional Drawings
Supercapacitor 3KVA Dimensional Drawings