The Sprint Series

The Sprint series is a range of cost-effective models. They feature up-to-the-minute sine-wave tracking and control firmware, which results in improved response time and efficiency.

The series has a simulated square Sine-Wave shape on Battery which is simpler & less expensive to generate than the other Uninterruptable Power Suppliess. 


Tower Models  (120V or 220V)            
 Capacity 425VA / 255W  525VA / 315W 625VA / 375 W  800VA / 480W 1000VA / 600W 1200VA / 720W  1500VA / 900W  2200VA / 1320W 
Rack-Mount Models  (120V or 220V)             
Capacity  600VA / 360W 1000VA / 600 W 1500VA / 900 W 2200VA / 1320 W        


Product Information
Sprint Product Information

Sprint Product Specifications
Sprint Series UPS RS-232 Protocol 

Communication Cards 
For physical “analog” connections to turn on or off a relay or I/O component,
we offer an AS-400 relay card which converts UPS communication signals to potential-free dry contacts for industrial control.
AS-400 Dry Contact Relay Box for Track/Sprint 

The NetPower Network Interface Ethernet Card integrates multi-network communication protocols to enable comprehensive easy-to-understand remote monitoring and management of UPS’s.​
Net Power SNMP Card     

UPSMON Plus (Local Software) V2.86    
UPSMON (Local Software) V2.92

Universal Mounting Rails     

Sprint Wall Mount Brackets

User Manuals
Sprint Series User Manual

Sprint Series New DB-9 Pin Assignment
Sprint 625T 120
Dimensional Drawings