The Ruggedized Vault Series

This Series consists of true double-conversion UPS’s with such features as UPS & power-monitoring software, integral   auto-bypass, various communication options, extended run-time capability, cold start, advanced battery management and microprocessor control. With extremely wide input tolerance and operating temperature ranges our Ruggedized Vault UPS series are the most flexible and technologically advanced UPS’s on the market.  Like our other models, our Ruggedized UPS’s are fully customizable to cater to your application.  

Tower and Rack-Mount Models (120V)
 Capacity  700VA / 490W  1000VA / 700W 1500VA / 1050W


Product Information
Ruggedized Vault Tower Product Brochure

Ruggedized Vault Rack Mount Product Brochure

Ruggedized Tower UPS Specifications
Ruggedized Rack Mount UPS Specifications

Communication Cards
For physical “analog” connections to turn on or off a relay 

or I/O component, we offer an AS-400 relay card which
converts UPS communication signals to potential-free dry 
contacts for industrial control.
AS-400 Relay Card with EPO for Vault Series   
AS-400 Relay Card without EPO for Vault Series

The NetPower Network Interface Ethernet Card
integrates multi-network communication protocols to
enable comprehensive easy-to-understand remote monitoring
and management of UPS’s.​     
NetPower SNMP for Ruggedized Vault

UPSMON Plus (Local Software) V2.86    
UPSMON (Local Software) V2.92)

Manual Power Transfer Switch for Vault
Universal Mounting Rails

User Manuals
Ruggedized Vault UPS User Manual

Ruggedized Vault Rack Mount System Wiring Diagram w/o PTS
Ruggedized Vault Rack Mount System Wiring Diagram w/ PTS

Ruggedized Vault DB9 Connector Pinout   
Ruggedized Vault Rack / Shelf Mount Dimensional Drawings   
Ruggedized Vault Tower Dimensional Drawings    
Ruggedized Vault Tower EBP Dimensional Drawings