Marathon Power Double Conversion Selection Guide

 Single Phase
 Two Topologies
   1. Line-Interactive
Double Conversion

 Battery and Capacitor Backup

 Standard and Extended Temperature Ranges
 Application Analysis
 Custom Capabilities  
Examples: Packaging | Temperature | Cable Extensions |                            Longer-Life Batteries | Vibration

 Standard UPS

Vault Series

Double-Conversion   700VA/490W to 12kVA/8.4kW 
  0°C to +40°C / -32°F to +104°F

  Tower & Rack Mount 
  120V & 230V
  Extended Battery Packs

                       New                    Vault HP Series Double-Conversion    1000VA/900W to 3000kVA/2700W 
  0°C to +40°C / -32°F to +104°F
  Tower & Rack-Tower Mount 
  120V & 230V
  Extended Battery Packs

 Extended Temperature Range UPS


  700VA/490W to 1.5kVA/1050W
  -40°C to +60°C / -40°F to +140°F

  Tower & Rack Mount
  External Battery Packs only

 Supercapacitor UPS

Supercapacitor Series


  1kVA/700W to 3kVA / 2100W 
  0°C to +40°C / -32°F to +104°F
  Shelf Mount Modules
  120V / 208V & 230V
  Energy Storage Module